About Me

My name is Melissa I am the owner of Birth Boldly Maternity services. I have a passion for empowering, educating and supporting women, through every step of the motherhood transition, pre-pregnancy, prenatal, postpartum and beyond. I want to help you enter your birth with peace of mind….

I lucked out because I got to have my mom as my doula! When I told her that I wanted to experience a natural birth, she made it her goal to make the experience the best it could be! Through out my labor  she helped ease my pain and showed my husband ways he could help me, she helped me breath through my contractions, and always had soothing words of encouragement when I needed them most! Aside from my labor, she guided me throughout my pregnany with health tips, and pregnancy work outs to strengthen my pelvic floor! She is always striving to further her knowledge to better service her clients and I admire her for it! Thanks for being a great doula Mom!





 As I mentioned before my name is Melissa, I am the owner of Birth Boldly Maternity Services, I am wife and mother of 2 amazing daughters, a stepson and now  3 wonderful grandchildren (all pictured to the left). I began this journey as a labor and delivery nurse, I have been working in labor and delivery for 16+ years now, I am also a Doula, Birthfit Coach, Evidence Based Birth Instructor, and Certified Lactation consultant.  Through the years I noticed many women enter into their birth experience with no idea what to expect or what they can or cannot do in labor. I heard the statement “my doctor says” over and over. And this made me think about my own birth experience, I was young and that was exactly what I thought about childbirth, “I do what ever the doctors and nurses say” Many doctors and nurses have your best interest at heart, but labor and delivery has become a medical problem, rather then a natural physiologic process, as it was meant to be. When I say this I am not just talking about birth without an epidural, I am talking about our freedom to move around, our opinions on certain medication, our right to eat, or hold our babies immediately after birth. 

My goal is to help mothers and partners enter into childbirth with peace of mind, I want to educated and empower them to make informed decisions for their birthing experience and their baby.  While giving them the tools and knowledge to have what ever birth experience they imagine.