with peace of mind.

Birth Boldly Maternity Services is a small but mighty business located in Troy Missouri, and serving all surrounding areas. Offering many services to help empower, strengthen, and educate Mothers and partners through all stages of the motherhood transition. Private and group childbirth classes, Doula services, Lactation assistance, Prenatal and postpartum fitness classes, pelvic floor and core recovery.

“I found Melissa while listening to a birthfit podcast, and hearing her story about her journey of becoming a birthfit coach, personal tainer and labor and delivery nurse. I thought how awesome to have all that knowledge! Little did I know she lived so close to me. I was pregnant at the time and had a background in personal training myself but had little knowledge of any on pregnancy and excercise. I reached out to Melissa and asked for help. I instantly felt at ease with her and comfortable as she coached me through my pregnancy journey. She helped me realize how important pelvic floor exercises were and gave me knowledge of what excercises are good during each phase of my pregnancy so that I could be strong and ready for birth. Not to mention an easier recovery.

After meeting with Melissa a couple of times I asked if she would be willing to be my doula. I loved the fact that she had knowledge on holistic sideof things as well as the medical side with her background as a labor and delivery nurse. I’m a true believer in both  and thought she would be perfect to coach me through labor.”And boy was I right” I knew I watned to go as natural as possible without intervention at a hospital. My water broke around 8 pm and I was so excited! I knew I should hold off at home for a while, but my husband was anxious and wanted  me to go straight to the hospital. I let her know we were heading to the hospital and she beat us there lol. I thought my labor would go reasonably quick because my first was 10 hours. I was completly shocked when this one was 22 hours. Melissa never skipped a beat and stayed by my side the entire time! I have no idea how she did it but she kept me so distracted from everything and focused on what I needed to do.  She had so much knowledge in changing positions and hands on techiniques to cope with labor and moving it along. She was always one step ahead of it all. As silly as it is one of the hardest things for me was that I was so congested during labor and had a hard time breathing, Melissa offered me peppermint oil on a 2×2, and it changed everything. Without it  I have no idea what I would have done. Besides my labor being longer then expected she truly gave  me the gift  of an incredible birth experience that I wanted. My husband and I felt so educated and supported on every decision we made. Words cannot describe how special that is and how much I will be forever thankful. Now as I am newly postpartum I can already feel the huge difference in recovery vs my last pergnancy. I am able to progressively start working out with confidence and strength.”

“Thank you Melissa for making my journey incredible!”


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